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We've counted the votes, deliberated, cogitated and digested the results, and finally - after a heated debate - we've drawn up a list of who we feel are the 100 most powerful people in print. There are plenty of newcomers, one or two surpises and new number one who we hope you will all agree deservedly...

87. George Thompson - Harrison Scott

Why The fact that Thompson, joint managing director of recruitment specialist Harrison Scott, secured the number-three slot in the public vote proves at the very least the quality of his contacts book. Or perhaps his popularity is more down to him being dubbed the "people's champion" by Scotland's Sunday Mail this year, for his bid to sue to Sir Fred Goodwin on behalf of the nation's taxpayers? A definite Anglophile - a rare thing north of the border - Thompson's passion, energy and enthusiasm for the industry are truly legendary, as illustrated by the many comments supporting his inclusion. "He lives, breathes, sleeps and eats print. God knows why, but he does," gushed one anonymous fan, presumably not ‘Fred the Shred'.

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