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Fairer salary scales will help prevent pay-day moans

When it comes to setting salaries, it pays to play fair, both for the sake of staff and for the business as a whole

Steve Martin delivers a wonderful line in the movie Sgt. Bilko. "All I ever wanted" he says "is an honest weeks pay for an honest days work." Its a great gag, not least because it rings true. Which of us, honestly, wouldn't like to earn more for the work we do?

Pay is a tricky issue for employer and employee alike. Staff who are paid below market rates for comparable jobs will likely feel disenchanted and demotivaated. While overpaying staff signifcantly may reduce a company's ability to compete... perhaps to the point where it is no longer commercially viable.

Good practice when setting salaries, and other issues relating to pay, will clearly go a longway towards fostering staff satisfaction and keeping a business on track financially. So where to begin?

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