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Narrow lead for 'Remain' in packaging survey

Phillip Chadwick, Packaging News

Recruitment company Harrison Scott has revealed that a majority of its candidates and clients in the packaging sector back the UK to remain part of the European Union.

In a survey, exclusive to Packaging News, Harrison Scott, which specialises in packaging, paper and print, found that 56% of respondents wanted to remain in the EU with 44% indicating they wanting to leave. The survey had 4,121 participants.

The data showed that the 'remain' vote held up throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there were some deviations notably in Wales — 52% of sales staff would vote to leave the EU, as would 51% of managers. However, 63% of Welsh managing directors want to remain as do 57% of Welsh technicians.

In England, 51% of managers wanted to leave the EU. English managing directors (53%), sales staff (54%) and technicians (64%) all indicated a desire to remain.

Respondents in Scotland and Northern Ireland indicated a majority wanted to stay although it was a tight margin amoung Northern Ireland sales staff — 51% to 49%.

Greg Nelson, managing consultant at Harrison Scott Associates added: "Having read the best of the comments made by Harrison Scott's valued candidates and clients, it would appear that the majority favour staying in the EU. There are arguments for both sides.

"Many responses commented that if we were to leave the EU, to reduce bureaucracy, increasing our competitiveness and on preferential terms set by us and not by the powers that be in the EU, then our European partners would still want to trade with us."


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