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Scott House

Friday 8th November 2002 saw the official opening of Harrison Scott Associates head office by former leader of the Conservative Party William Hague and his wife Ffion.

Scott House is a 3 level red sandstone building with some historic significance in that it was a trolley bus depot at the time tram cars and trolley buses were the popular public transport. Over a 4 month period the building and car parks was completely renovated by Harrison Scott Developments. Internally many of the "industrial" features, such as large girders and ceramic facing brick have been maintained. The building also has a 10 ton crane built into the roof which is now concealed by a ceiling system.

There are two car parks, one with 20 spaces to the right of the building and one with 6 spaces to the left of the building.

As many of Harrison Scott Associates business interests are contained within freehold properties, clients have the comfort of knowing they are dealing with a company of substance. Joint Managing Partner George Thompson states "the popular belief among a number of companies is that many recruitment companies operate from serviced offices and some from their own front living room. The more infrastructure and tangible assets one can wrap around any service company, the higher level of confidence clients will have that you will around for a long time to come. This fact is also a consideration for larger companies when they are choosing preferred recruitment companies”.