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World pioneers of Veriqual®

The system that goes beyond the conventional recruitment process.

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Veriqual® - Benefits for both clients and candidates

Our Veriqual® system has received a great deal of press coverage over the years. The following is an extract from an article which featured in a national specialist magazine.

Harrison Scott are World pioneers of Veriqual®, a process that is described in their corporate literature as 'goes beyond the traditional recruitment process.' We asked Dominic Grudzien, Joint Managing Partner, to explain further "Each of our Consultants is responsible for a specialised area in a defined geographical location. Take for example our Commercial Print South M25 Consultant. His job is to 'live, breathe and eat' everything that's relevant to Commercial Print recruitment in Kent, Hampshire and East & West Sussex". This system is applied by Harrison Scott in every sector they operate in - nationwide.

The 'area management' element of the Veriqual® process allows each Consultant to build up a sophisticated network of contacts, which includes Print Buyers. Information is obtained on a candidate's background, on a highly confidential basis, before an approach is made. Unique to the Industry, 85% of Harrison Scott's candidates are directly approached rather than responding to advertising.

"Candidates are delighted that they don't have to take time out of their busy schedule to meet us. They appreciate that we have already done all the research on their background prior to meeting them," says Grudzien. "When discussing the Harrison Scott methodology with new clients, we ask "Whose opinion of the candidate would you rather have - that of the Recruitment Consultant, based on a one hour interview, or one based on Veriqual® which often takes into account the opinions of print buyers, former employers and peers, spanning over long periods of time". Not surprisingly most decision-makers feel Veriqual® offers a more accurate analysis of the candidate's character and track record.