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The UK's largest recruitment consultancy in...



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World pioneers of Veriqual®

The system that goes beyond the conventional recruitment process.

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Veriqual® — Advantages for Candidates and Clients

Harrison Scott Associates are the largest consultancy in the industry... but are they the best?

A highly distinctive feature of the Harrison Scott service is the "market driven" approach to maintaining client loyalty. The company shies away from retainers and only levies a fee once they introduce the right candidate for the job, George Thompson explained: "Yes, we do have a small number of clients who retain us but these are only companies whom I have personally dealt with for a number of years."

Research has shown that many printing and packaging companies become dissatisfied when shortlisted candidates fall short of the promised standard or are simply candidates already on the Consultancy's 'books,'

"At Harrison Scott we put the emphasis on the natural partnership between candidates we propose and the client company," states Thompson.

Harrison Scott's success is based on proving themselves through the quality of the candidates introduced rather than insisting on a money up front retainer.

Harrison Scott are World pioneers of Veriqual®, a process which is described in their corporate literature as 'goes beyond the traditional recruitment process.' We asked Dominic Grudzien, Senior Partner, to explain further "Each of our Consultants is responsible for a specialised area in a defined geographical location. Take for example our Commercial Print, South M25 Consultant. His job is to 'live, breathe and eat' everything that's relevant to Commercial Print recruitment in Kent, Hampshire and E&W Sussex",

This system is applied by Harrison Scott in every sector of Print & Packaging, nationwide. The 'area management' part of the Veriqual® process allows each Consultant to build up a sophisticated network of contacts which includes Print Buyers. Information is obtained on a candidate's background, on a highly confidential basis, before an approach is made. Unique to the industry, 98% of Harrison Scott's candidates are directly approached rather than responding to advertising.

"Candidates are delighted that they don't have to take time out of their busy schedule to meet us. They appreciate we have already done all the research on their background prior to meeting them," says Grudzien, "When discussing the Harrison Scott methodology with new clients, we ask 'Whose opinion of the candidate would you rather have - that of the Recruitment Consultant, based on a one hour interview, for Veriqual® which often takes into account the opinions of print buyers, former employers and peers.' " Not surprisingly most decision makers feel Veriqual® offers a more accurate analysis of the candidate's character and ability. The common denominator in all Harrison Scott's dealings with clients and candidates is a totally professional approach based on honesty and integrity - even if it does cost the Consultancy money in real terms. As George Thompson explained: "Recently a Sales Executive was offered a position at Duncan Print & Packaging. We found out through our network that this candidate actually only intended to work there for three months while waiting to start his own business. I immediately informed the Chairman, Bill Duncan, who withdrew the offer. Yes it did cost us a large fee - but we have since placed seven senior people at the Duncan Group as part of their expansion plans." Proof that honesty does pay.

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